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about Second chance with JOHNERI'O SCOTT


Formerly Let’s Talk with Johneri’O Scott Show , now Second Chance with Johneri'O Scott is a professional skilled talk show that discuss second chances. Everyone doesn't get or notice their life for having a second chance. A Second Chance can come as: life after a divorce, life after overcoming a sickness or overcoming a life obstacle, or life after you've begun to live in your purpose! 


The purpose of Second Chance with Johneri'O Scott is to break barriers, and to build and spark in-depth conversations about the opportunities you have had regarding this second chance. Opportunities like trying something again and finding out that thing is your purpose, you having a second chance at something after failing to it before, or about  how you have achieved your goal the second go around. Second Chance brings awareness to all situation while bridging those gaps within communities that seem to be hard. It’s for the audience to gain knowledge and understanding of Second Chances amongst different walks of life, situations, and everything between.


Let’s Talk about the hurt and pain. Let’s Talk about your successes and failures? Let’s Talk about how that second chance changed your life. While discussing these things we will heal, educate, and build community.


Ideal guests for Second Chance with Johneri'O Scott are individuals with compelling stories, those who have faced adversity, overcome challenges, and successfully navigated their second chance in life. We seek guests who are open to discussing the highs and lows of their journeys, sharing experiences of trials, errors, losses, and ultimately finding freedom, happiness, and success.

Whether it's triumphs after a divorce, discovering true happiness, or relentless pursuit of personal goals, we welcome guests who can inspire, educate, and make a positive impact on others dealing with similar situations. If you have a story of resilience, growth, and transformation after a second chance, we invite you to join us on this journey.

Let’s Help! Let’s Talk!


(just a few)

Hosting/Media Correspondent

Michelle Williams |   2016 

​David Banner   |   2016  

​Melissa Latin   |   2016

Saints and Sinners  Cast |  2016

Laura Govan | 2016

Secrets Cast and Producers | 2016

Yandy Smith | 2016

Gossip Viv | 2017

Anika Nani Rose | 2017

Tika Sumpter | 2017

Lynn Whitfield | 2017

Marsai Martin | 2017

Dutchess | 2017

Jason Nelson | 2018

Bobby Jones | 2018

Desiree Ross | 2018

Kenny Burns | 2018

Deb Antney | 2018

Big Tigger | 2018

John Singleton | 2018

Jess Hilarious | 2019

B Simone | 2019

BlameitonKway | 2019

Tami Roman | 2019

DaniLeigh | 2019

TaRhonda Jones | 2019

Terri J Vaughn | 2019

Shay Johnson | 2020

Pretty Vee | 2020

Jhonni Blaze | 2020

Little Woman of Atlanta | 2020

Supa Cent | 2020

Coach Stormy | 2020

Domani Harris | 2020

Taja V Simpson | 2020


Making It In Media | 2020


Shout Out Atlanta | 2019

TeenTalk Vegas | 2020

Enspire Magazine | 2020

Thrive Global | 2020

Blavity | 2020

Kontrol Magazone | 2020

Special Skills

-Communications -Digital Media -Strategy Planning and Execution -Writing -Creative Writing -Video Editing -Video Recording -Social Management -Analytical -Creative Directing

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